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GP-TEST ISO .Waf 结合了用于测试晶片正面和背面之间绝缘电阻的所有部件。 通过该测试,能确定太阳能电池的质量。 

设计本身并没有结束,GP-TEST ISO .Waf是深入研究和发展程序的结果,树立了冷静专业的形象。 高品质材料,如钢、铝和玻璃提供了特殊性质,符合生态设计的要求。



The ISO-Test .Waf是 2012年iF产品设计奖的获奖者.

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International design award Baden-Württemberg, which is yearly organized by the Designcenter Stuttgart. It‘s subsidized by the government and therefore not focused on commercial aspects. In effect it is an opportunity for very small companies to participate. The award „Focus Gold“, „Focus Silver“ and „Focus Special Mention“ has strong influence on the strength of the brand, on the market as well as among the awarded companies and agencies.