EnviroESCA electron spectroscope

Intelligence meets full automation

Building on the pioneering developments of recent years, the company SPECS presented the revolutionary and first electron spectroscope for chemical surface analysis to the public held on 20th October 2015 in San Jose (California).

defortec developed on behalf of the Berlin-based company, the design for all EnviroESCA system components. They have been designed to meet the complex requirements of the user.

EnviroESCA enables as the first product in its class a fully automated, intelligent analysis and evaluation of surfaces under real environmental conditions. Thereby it creates new application areas in industry, medicine and biotechnology.

Focus on core function

The asymmetric front with emphasis of the workspace is the main significant recognition feature.

The vertical, anthracite gray ribbon with the large field of view, passes the focus on the core function of the system. Due to the color scheme and geometric but soft appearance, the system obtains its high optical valency and its professional and calm appearance.

The laboratory system has an innovative modular system for fast adaptation to different inspection tasks and shows new combinations of materials, such as self-healing work surfaces.

Awarded design

EnviroESCA is awarded with the Baden-Württemberg Design Prize Focus Open 2016 Special Mention and the German Design Award 2017 Special Mention.

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