The lighting system for LED tubes

Appealing design for best quality light

NIXWIELICHT is a lighting system with modern, energy saving LED technique, developed for offices, large-area lighting and industrial applications. Intelligent production processes form an unrivaled low priced and first-class product, made in Germany.

LED tubes instead of neon tubes

Modern LED lighting with LED tubes is a standardized and safe technology, which has proved itself already in manifold ways. LED tubes contain all required parts for a safe and long-term LED lighting within the tube housing.

From the start all aspects of production technology and in the development process were analyzed in detail to meet the aim of an affordable lamp „made in Germany.“ The result is the LED lighting NIXWIELICHT, which follows the concept of Universal design. An extremely versatile product that can address many different clienteles, inspires spontaneously but at the same time never sets design over function.

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"Design concept"

An important step in the development process in which product visions are created, logical shapes and functional concepts are made and through design the product emotions are generated. Clear, unique and future-oriented structures, which connect the shape, the material and the function, give the product its future and individual character. Those innovative design concepts are worked out in detail, verified with previous variants, clearly structured and afterwards entirely developed in close dialogue with the client.