Achema 2024 - defortec and it's customers represented

From June 10 to 14, 2024, Achema will once again open its doors to international trade visitors from the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy and environmental process industries.
The world's leading international trade fair focuses on innovations, sustainability, hydrogen and digitalization for the process industry.
defortec was already at the trade fair at the beginning of the week to pick up new insights and hold conversations.
Some of defortec's customers were also represented here, including Glatt AG, Glatt GmbH, Ekato, Rommelag ...

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new defortec website

The time has finally come!
After intensive work on the new website, we are delighted to be able to launch our new web presence. Contemporary filter functions and large-format images now characterize the website, which has been kept leaner in terms of usability.

The relaunch, including the redesign, does justice to one of the leading German companies for industrial design and product development with a focus on capital goods design, product design. machinery design and technically complex fields and is intended to reflect our design standards.

The defortec team hopes you enjoy exploring the new website and discovering exciting projects.


Project meeting: Research project on sustainable product development

Zimmern ob Rottweil, March 19th 2024 – defortec and macs software GmbH held a productive joint meeting this week, marking progress in their collaborative research project on sustainable product development and carbon dioxide emission tracking of products. The initiative, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Control (BMWK) of Germany, aims to pioneer new approaches in eco-friendly product design and manufacturing.



The goal of this project is the lifecycle assessment of a product and it’s environmental impact during ist lifespan. The exciting part is, that a new tool should also be able to estimate the environmental impact of a product in development.

During the meeting, the teams shared key insights and advancements in integrating sustainable design principles with innovative software solutions. They reviewed progress on several fronts, including the implementation of life cycle assessments (LCA) and the development of tools that facilitate circular economy practices. Additional software integration, database and data availability was discussed.

The project is on track to deliver influential findings and tools that will benefit various industries, encouraging widespread adoption of sustainable practices. Both partners are committed to sharing their outcomes to inspire broader change towards environmental responsibility.


Happy new year 2024!

defortec wishes merry christmas and a happy new year.

An intensive year 2023 is coming to an end. We can look back on exciting project phases and in-depth collaboration and are pleased to be able to see the many strong project results.

However, we could not achieve our goals to this extent without intensive cooperation with our clients, partners and supporters. We would therefore like to thank our partners for the trust they have placed in us, the good cooperation and the always pleasant atmosphere.

We wish you and your colleagues a good start to a new and successful year 2024.


Glatt unveils newly designed production equipment

For the largest pharmaceutical market Glatt unveiled newly designed systems at PMEC in Dheli

Modern pharmaceuticals are true miracle cures, from nutritional supplements and pain relief to combating serious illnesses, they have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Many of them are taken in tablet form. The production process up to the finished tablet is extremely complex and requires absolute purity as well as the highest precision and accuracy. Glatt unveiled their newly designed equipment for tablet production for the wold's biggest pharmaceutical market  on this years PMEC in Dheli. The new systems meet the growing demands in flexibility and performance towards tablet production lines. Defortec was involved in the development process and was the partner for the product design. The whole project was done in record time including a real prototype exhibited in Dheli on Glatt's booth.


EnviroMETROS at the Productronica

In the race for ever more powerful and ever more compact electronics, particularly precise and low-waste production is becoming increasingly important. The cornerstone for this is raw materials and base materials that are as clean as possible.

The EnviroMETROS surface spectroscope from Berlin-based company SPECS has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry. As a completely new type of analysis device in the semiconductor manufacturing market, it can be used fully automatically inline in production lines. The device is characterized by advanced features such as high sensitivity, real-time data acquisition and exceptional precision and offers engineers and researchers a powerful tool for optimizing production processes.

In the research environment, the EnviroMETROS can be used as a "LAB-Variant".

Numerous defortec customers also exhibited at Productronica in Munich.


Life cycle assessment in real time

The idea is obvious: a tool that shows what impact the result will have in terms of sustainability during product development. defortec is now working on this visionary topic together with macs Software GmbH in the "Green Controlling" development project, which is part of the "smart analytics" cooperation network. It is funded by the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) and will run until the end of 2025.

The project aims to use digital twins to map the entire value chain of a product in real time while it is being designed. This means that conceptual changes are also immediately recognizable in their environmental impact. The costs are also to be included - the bottom line is that such a digital tool gives the drive for greater sustainability an enormous boost. It would also make it easier for SMEs to comply with the sustainability reporting obligation that has been in force since mid-2023.


While macs Software GmbH from Zimmern near Rottweil is responsible for the software level, defortec is involved as an input provider. The aim is to determine which data is needed at which point in time in order to obtain practical results. To this end, defortec is involved with its own projects and ultimately also designs the software's user interface.




About macs Software GmbH

macs Software GmbH from Zimmern ob Rottweil is an owner-managed software company. macs has been a reliable partner for 24 years and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of controlling solutions. With two locations in Germany and a branch office in South Africa and the USA, the company is active on all continents and is the partner for medium-sized and large companies. The macs controlling software for integrated corporate planning supports planning, control and information supply and provides reliable key figures for corporate management. More than 300 customers worldwide use macs software to create plans that are strategically and long-term oriented towards the future.


Focus Open 2022

We are pleased about the Focus Open 2022. Defortec continues the long series of awards also in 2022.
The new VOITH InfibraFiner impressed the jury with its design, high level of innovation and clear added value for customers.

Vision becomes reality – BlueLine InfibraFiner

Clear lines combined with numerous technical advantages - the new VOITH InfibraFiner combines optimal user guidance with a new design.

The specially developed SmartLight on the front of the InfibraFiner is not only an eye-catcher, but also provides information about the machine status, performance and maintenance condition at any time via its light signals. Significantly simplified and time-saving maintenance by the operating personnel is the result of the innovative SmartLight.

Thanks to the compact design and the calm language of form by means of large clean surfaces, the InfibraFiner clearly stands out from its highly complex surroundings.

Efficient und user-oriented

Compared to conventional refiners, the award-winning InfibraFiner has a significantly higher capacity and is designed to be extremely energy-saving.

The new design combines the modern appearance with numerous technological advantages, which enable a significantly more constant and energy-optimized refining process.


With the aid of three colored illuminated segments, the SmartLight provides information on the machine status, performance and current maintenance status of the refiner at any time and at a glance.

For this purpose, numerous parameters such as temperature, pressure or the vibration profile are recorded and evaluated.


Another focus of the development team was on very high occupational safety and particularly user-friendly maintenance by means of a compact design. The smooth outer surfaces allow easy cleaning. All electronic components and cabling are well protected and integrated into the machine in the control cabinet specially designed for the InfibraFiner.


"We have developed a completely new refiner concept that clearly stands out both in terms of design and performance values. During development, we pursued the highest quality standards. In line with our "Papermaking Vision" design study, the design focused on an appealing appearance, optimized user interfaces and the implementation of a "Clean Design". We are therefore very pleased to have won the Focus Open International Design Award Baden-Württemberg together with the design agency defortec."


Adrian Honig, Product Manager VOITH Paper


Doppelerfolg beim iF Design Award

Industrial design with honors: defortec wins the iF Design Award 2022 twice.

Every year, the iF Design Award honors outstandingly conceived and designed products - including those from the field of industrial design, i.e. products that have been developed for tough industrial use. In March, the 75-member jury made its final decision on a total of 5,426 entries.

Among the award-winning design agencies is - once again - defortec. On the one hand with the modular extrusion line "Line 160" developed for Battenfield Cincinatti, on the other hand for the implant finisher "Batch D" from Rena Technologies.

Conceptualized modular – Line 160

"The clear and modular design demonstrates and communicates the precision of the machine" - this was the jury's vote for the "Line 160" extrusion line from Battenfeld Cincinatti. The line consists of different functional units, starting with the extruder and ending with the cutting unit at the end of the line, which produces plastic pipes up to 2.5 meters in diameter. The modularity has been taken even further by defortec: the cutting unit as well as the drawing unit consist of one working element and one control element. This allows the working part to be adapted exactly to customer-specific requirements, while operation and control are always docked identically. It was also important to the designers to always place the operating panels in the same position and to structure the actual user interface in the same way visually. Among other things, the green accent color ensures the visual cohesion of the individual functional units. In the case of the closed units, the green appears very decidedly on the vertical, multi-bent chamfers that accompany the machine's setback to the floor. On the one hand, this recess ensures a visually less massive overall appearance, and on the other hand, it makes it easier to approach the large glass sliding doors, which ensure the best possible accessibility to the actual work area.

Glass is not only present here; basically the entire front consists of glass panels, including the dark gray zones above and below the sliding doors. Glass, according to the designers' experience, is not only less expensive than traditional sheet metal cladding, but more durable and conveys precision and high-tech with its perfect surface. "The play of materials underlines the very high quality and gives the plant both uniqueness and a unique selling point in the world of production machinery," the jury concluded.

Batch D – Special plant

The "Batch D" plant from plant manufacturer Rena Technologies also received an iF Award from the jury. Specially designed for the production of dental implant blanks, the entire processing area is made of acid-resistant polypropylene, the plant packaging is strictly regulated, as is the process technology. A challenge, even for such experienced industrial designers as those at defortec. A large part was made up by the ergonomics optimization including the interface design, which was developed for a large touch screen. Incidentally, the fronts here are also made of glass panels, just like on the extrusion line.

Says the jury, "All the necessary controls are within easy reach in the area of the glass panel and the swiveling touchscreen, emphasizing the system's tidy, clean, safe, ergonomic and technologically modern look."

Read more about Batch D in the detailed case study.


We have collected over 80 national and international design awards - so it seems that what we do is not so bad - and maybe you would like to be awarded with your product soon. We encourage our employees, give them a lot of personal responsibility and coach them with a lot of technical experience to implement your design ideas. We do it together.


defortec donates for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine does not leave defortec cold either, which is why the company donates through several channels.

"We are all deeply affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine," says Stefan Grobe. "Firstly, Ukraine is only far away at first glance and secondly, there is much more at stake here for us Europeans."

That is why defortec is getting involved and making donations - to the German Red Cross and also directly to the private aid organization Darnychany in Kiev. This contact came about through defortec employees with a personal connection to Ukraine and is directly helping the victims on the ground.

In addition, defortec supports the refurbishment of a building here in Germany to provide a safe place for refugees to stay.

"We are observing the situation in Ukraine with great concern and would also like to express our solidarity with the donations," says Stefan Grobe. "We are against any form of warlike conflict."


Merry christmas!

Many thanks from the whole defortec team for the exciting challenges, your trust and the friendly cooperation.
We look forward to the coming year 2022 and to successful projects together.
For another year we want to support the work of the „Mia Seeger Foundation“ by a generously donation.
From the conviction that design will continue to gain economical importance in the future, we would like to support young designers in their education and thus ensure the quality  of design education in Germany.
Since 30 years the „Mia Seeger Foundation“ supports prospective young designers with the annual „Mia Seeger Award“ for excellent performance during their education.

Stefan Grobe and the defortec Team

Future depends on what we do today –Mahatma Gandhi


Synexis Logotype

In addition to the air purification devices Cube and Sphere, defortec created a corporate design including logo and design guideline for all web and print media for the US company synexis LLC.

Extensive design task

As an agency for industrial design, defortec specializes in the design of consumer and investment goods in a wide variety of market segments. However, the design of housings and coverings is not the only task of a versatile design agency. In the case of the U.S. company Synexis LLC, the processing order included, in addition to the Cube & Sphere air purifiers, the redesign of the company logo as well as an extensive design guideline for print and web media.

Logo design

The trademark included in the logo subtly points out the innovative technology and functionality of synexis devices, while also providing a strong, memorable figurative mark. Here, the four circles stand for the chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The two larger circles represent the oxygen atoms each of which is bonded to each other and to a hydrogen atom on the outside. The H2O2 molecule is central to the function of synexis devices and is figurative of synexis' success which is why it plays such a present role in Synexis' brand identity.

Creation of a corporate design for Synexis

Thus, in addition to implementing its own product language for air purification equipment defortec succeeded in creating its own independent brand identity for the emerging company Synexis LLC. The collaboration with Synexis offered a rare opportunity to positively influence and realign the visual communication of an entire company through the design of various communication channels.



Histamine Quick Test

Industrial Design Case Study | small and intuitive: design for a better life

No larger than an insulin pen: The idea of the histamine rapid test could make life easier for people with histamine intolerance. However, the test is still in the early testing phase.

Food test in real time

Defortec is a partner in a research project that investigated the feasibility of a rapid histamine test until 2019. The project partners also include the NMI (Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen) and Contexo GmbH. The quick test is intended to enable people with histamine intolerance to determine the histamine content of food quickly and reliably.


Histamine in food is a problem

Around three percent of people worldwide suffer from histamine intolerance, or around a quarter of a billion people. In Germany there are about two million people who have to do without numerous foods. Until now, histamine analyses have been laboriously carried out in the laboratory; individual testing was not possible. Since the histamine content of fish, cheese or wine, for example fluctuates depending on freshness or degree of ripeness, laboratory analyses are of little help in everyday life.

Determine histamine at home?

The research project was designed to investigate whether a test principle developed by the NMI can be transferred into a product so that private users can independently and spontaneously determine the histamine levels of their food.

The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics as part of the Central Investment Program for Medium-Sized Businesses (ZIM).

Process design and industrial design

Defortec concentrated on aspects related to industrial design like ergonomics, materials, aspects of production and design. The single-use product is to be manufactured by injection molding with biodegradable plastics. The project, which lasted over two years proved to be extremely complex - not only because of the new test procedure but also because of the demands of miniaturization, mass production capability and the ability to test both liquid and solid foods.

Design Thinking at the start

At the start of the project, defortec invited all project partners to the Design Thinking Workshop, which first defined the target group, their expectations and the use case. The concrete development included extensive series of tests especially with regard to functional and ergonomic aspects. From the CAD drafts new functional models were generated again and again using 3D printing and the use and miniaturization were perfected - after all, the end product should be about the size of an insulin pen.

Usability in focus

The product concept which is currently at the preliminary project conclusion is based on a slim cylinder at the tip of which the solid or liquid samples are taken. The result is optically displayed only minutes later on the integrated test strip. The prototype designed by defortec is very detailed and already optimized for mass production by injection molding. The start of production however, has not yet been determined; NMI is currently working on practical field testing of the process.

It is currently not possible to predict when the histamine quick test will be available as a product suitable for everyday use.



Printing instead of casting

The starting point for the project which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics are housings for marine transmissions that are unique and have been produced using the casting process up to now. A process that is not only complex but also produces massive and thus very heavy and resource-intensive parts.

The additive production would offer considerable advantages, as well as eliminating the need for mold making the design could be optimized to suit the process. The integration of cavities and wall thickness optimization would reduce material requirements. The project team assumes that a steel housing currently weighing 13 tons would only weigh 10 tons after optimization for additive production.

Arc Welding

The process is based on laser-supported arc welding in which steel wire is melted and layer after layer is placed on top of each other. To ensure that large parts can be produced in an acceptable time the project aims to achieve an hourly throughput of 5 kilograms of steel. The necessary printing space is also beyond the dimensions of 3D printing, it would have to be 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters high.

Quality control included


While the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. is dedicated to this aspect the Institute for Integrated Production Hannover is working on quality management. Inline measurement technology is used to detect errors during the printing process and automatically correct the printing parameters.

In addition to the two institutes four other partners are involved. The research project which will run until the end of 2021 is being led by the marine transmission manufacturer Reintjes.

Problems with tension

In addition to the size of the installation space, there is a far more complex problem to be solved: stresses in the component caused by shrinkage processes during cooling.

Source: Institut für Integrierte Produktion gGmbH, Hannover


Rotor Blade Recycling

The rotors still turn smoothly in the wind - but many wind turbines will have to be replaced in the next few years. The large rotor blades cannot yet be recycled - the Fraunhofer Institute WKI is developing a new method to recover the balsa wood they cont

Recycling instead of incineration


In 2024, however, 15,000 rotor blades are to be taken out of operation in this country, and this number will multiply in the following years. A new strategy is therefore unavoidable, not least because large quantities of balsa wood are used in the high-tech composite components. For example, around 15 tonnes of the valuable light wood is contained in the blades, which are up to 90 metres long. Balsa wood has only about one third of the density of spruce wood, but is nevertheless very pressure-resistant and has a thermal conductivity of about 0.05 W/(m-K) perpendicular to the grain direction. This not only makes the lightweight material a favourite of model makers, it can also be used as an insulating material - as an alternative to rigid polystyrene foam, for example.


Mechanical separation


The Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research (WKI) is working on a process that splits rotor blades by material - and separates the balsa wood. At first glance, the process looks brute: Directly on site, the rotor blades are cut into ten to twenty meter segments using a vehicle-mounted water jet lance. A mobile shredder breaks these up into palm-sized fragments, which are then sent to an impact mill. Set in rapid rotation, the fragments collide with metal elements, the hard, fibre-reinforced plastic breaks up and separates from the more elastic balsa wood.


Thermal insulation material for buildings


The balsa wood recovered in this way is processed by the WKI into lightweight wood fibre insulation mats. With a density of less than 20 kilograms per cubic meter, the material can be used for building insulation.

Another option: The balsa wood is finely ground and provided with a foaming additive. The resulting balsa foam requires no further binding additives and is also suitable as packaging material that can be disposed as waste paper .

Source: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


defortec is „best of the best“ at reddot 2020

The driverless transport system "EcoProFleet" receives premium design award

Functional and aesthetic


As innovative the technology, as outstanding the design of this Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is, as the category of these materials handling vehicles is called. Although a functional and cool, matter-of-fact design language dominates, elements such as the full-surface glass top of the AGV gives the investment goods an emotional component and underline the innovative character of the product.


Industrial design and innovation


The jury of the Designaward reddot praised the independent formal language of the industrial design and the visualisation of the new technology that is being introduced into the production processes with the AGV. The expert jury also described the integration of the sensors and signal elements required for automatic systems as outstandingly positive. All this prompted the jury to award "EcoProFleet" 2020 the premium prize "best of the best".

Together with our customer, Dürr Systems AG, we are delighted about this famous design award.


iF Design Award 2020

defortec won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020!

defortec was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, PreMon preform inspection system of the company Intravis won in the disciplineProduct,

in theIndustry & Toolscategory. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization,

Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.

The product PreMon won over the 78-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its completely new and innovative technology for the inspection of transparent, translucent and opaque PET preforms. The competition was intense: 7,298 entries were submitted from 56 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

For 67 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. Submissions are awarded in the following disciplines: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design, Architecture and InteriorArchitecture as well as Professional Concept. All awarded entries are featured on the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, in the iF design app and are displayed at the iF design exhibition in Berlin.

We would like to thank our cooperation partner Intravis for the great and successful cooperation. We see this award as a confirmation of the quality of our work and as a driving force for future projects. We look proudly into a successful past and full of confidence in the future and look forward to new projects and challenges.


defortec is strengthening the team!

Recently Daniel Ross joined the design team in a variety of ways. After his training as a goldsmith, he successfully completed his university studies in the department of Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim in 2014. Afterwards he gained a lot of experience in different projects in a Stuttgart agency and worked with well-known clients.

"Looking for new challenges and experiences, I am very much looking forward to working with a great team at defortec. You can reach me by or by phone at 07157 / 72 118-25."

We are pleased to welcome Daniel Ross as a new, competent employee.


New Year's greetings from Dettenhausen

We would like to thank you for the eventful and successful year 2019.

Also this year, we look back on exciting projects as well as numerous, strong project results and successful cooperations. We would therefore like to thank our partners, for the trust they have shown, for the good cooperation and the always pleasant climate. We look forward to the challenges ahead in 2020.

The defortec team wishes you a good start to the new year as well as satisfaction, happiness and above all health.


Erfolgfaktor Design!

Defortec shows up at the exhibition at the Design Center Baden-Württemberg.

With the exhibition "»ERFOLGSFAKTOR DESIGN« the Design Center Baden-Württemberg presents the various activities of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg – from congresses to readings to the Baden-Württemberg FOCUS OPEN International Design Award.

In the exhibition, well-known and renowned companies, including defortec, show how they set themselves off from the competition through their innovative strength and sustainably strengthen their brands through professional design.

Three times in 2019, Defortec was awarded with the International Design Award FOCUS OPEN:

VOITH Paper | XcelLine, Dürr Systems | AGV, ACSYS Laser Technology | Multishift.

From 11 December 2019 to 16 January 2020, you can view our three award-winning products in this exhibition at the Design Center Baden-Württemberg.


Duration of the exhibition

11 December 2019 to 16 January 2020
New Year's reception on January 9, 2020 at 7 p.m.
Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed on public holidays


Location of the exhibition

Design Center Baden-Württemberg
Steinbeis-Saal, 1st floor in the House of Economy
Willi-Bleicher-Str. 19, 70174 Stuttgart

Admission is free.


ISO 9001 - quality management

Defortec receives ISO certificate

In addition to many exciting projects and challenges, the ISO certification of defortec GmbH has also been worked on this year. This certificate confirms the company's well thought-out quality management strategy as well as its efficient and always process-optimized working methods.

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard which defines the requirements for effective quality management in a company in an industry-independent manner. The validity of the standard extends from companies in the service and business sectors to industrial companies and non-profit organizations.

This certificate can be regarded as the foundation stone for the future development of the company by defining and standardizing our working process. The goal of this development is always the process-oriented optimization of the workflows and the constant quality control, which should not only meet the own, as well as the quality requirement of our customers, but in the best case even surpasses it.

We are looking forward to future projects and will continue to work carefully on the compliance and further development of our set standards in order to be able to continue offering our customers the best possible design quality.


K-fair 2019

Only 6 weeks until the opening of the world's largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. From the 16th to the 23rd of October, the entire plastics processing industry will present itself at the K-fair 2019 in Düsseldorf. A massive 3,200 international exhibitors showcase the latest developments and pioneering innovations in the plastics and rubber industry. The hot topics of the K 2019 include plastics industry 4.0 and plastics for sustainable development.

Some clients of defortec are represented at this important leading trade fair. Our customers Dieffenbacher, Haitian, Illig, Intravis, Oerlikon, Sesotec, Krauss_Maffei and Koch Technik show the latest techniques and fascinatingly designed products which we will be reporting on after the fair.


EMO Hannover 2019

It's that time again, from the 16th to 21st of September, the EMO will take place in Hannover.

As the world's leading trade fair for machine tools and metalworking technology, EMO 2019 offers a huge range of products from a wide variety of industrie sectors. Around 2200 exhibitors from 44 countries present innovations and new products. Not least because of the large international share of exhibitors, which is around 60%, visitors are given an insight into unprecedented innovation potential. From metal machining to laser technology to serial 3D printing, the EMO 2019 shows the entire spectrum of state-of-the-art processing technology.

defortec is looking forward to a lively customer participation at this leading trade fair for metalworking. Our clients Acsys, Breuning, Licon, Oerlikon and EcoClean present their new, innovative and naturally perfect designed products.


Usability is everything

The Compamed Magazine interviewed Dipl. Designer Stefan Grobe on the subject "Design of medical devices: usability is everything."

The CEO of defortec GmbH, Stefan Grobe, gives insights into the practice of the design of medical devices and why each product represents a welcome challenge. The interview features important aspects of a successful product development within the field of medical design also as a short view in medical technology trends and international influences.

"The product has a much greater chance, the sooner a designer contributes to it!"

Read the entire interview with Dipl. Designer Stefan Grobe: Why is aesthetics not everything and why are aspects such as security, reliability and good handling in medical design much more important.


Model making and prototypes

Get an overview of defortecs performance. In addition to visionary industrial design, we also offer model making and prototype construction as service. With our professionally equipped workshop and our expertise, we are able to produce quickly and perfectly prototypes, functional and design models.

We create models with a high degree of precision, great know-how and we pay attention to details. This ensures fascinating pre-production models for your presentation or your functional tests.

Download our model making portfolio as PDF here.



Once again, Dipl. Designer Stefan Grobe, Managing Director of defortec GmbH, was called for the jury of the IF design award.

The IF design award has been recognized as an internationally label for outstanding design services since 1953. For designers, an award serves as an acknowledgment of their abilities, a meaningful reference and as a medium of communication. For companies, an award with the IF design price is an effective marketing tool. More than 5000 competition entrys are submitted each year. The IF awards enjoys a huge international reputation.

In the period from 24. Until the 26. Of January 2017, the contest entries submitted in the fields of product, packaging, communication, service as well as interior design and architecture will be evaluated in Hamburg. About 60 well-known experts from more than 20 countries choose the award winners according to a clearly structured process based on established criteria.

After the judging, the award ceremony – the IF design award night – will take place on 10. March 2017 in the BMW Welt in Munich. Following the award ceremony, all the prize winners of the IF design awards 2017 will be shown in the comprehensive IF online exhibition on the IF website Both, the IF winners this year and the prize winners of the past 64 years can be found here. In this online exhibition, you will find pictures and text as well as information about manufacturers and designers – an archive of design history par excellence.



SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, based in Berlin / Germany presents the new electron spectroscope for chemical analysis under environmental conditions (EnviroESCA) at the AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition in San José / California / USA, design by defortec

Based on the pioneering developments of the recent years, SPECS presents the first laboratory device for chemical surface analysis under environmental conditions. EnviroESCA enables fully automated, intelligent analysis and evaluation of surfaces under real conditions and creates new applications in industry, medicine and biotechnology.

The new system features an innovative modularity for fast adaptation to different inspection tasks. defortec developed the design of the new EnviroESCA on behalf of SPECS. The asymmetric front design of the device and strong color and material contrasts generates a high quality appearance and thereby an easy integration into contemporary laboratory environments.

Best wishes and every success to the friendly SPECS team at the product launch in San José / USA.


Block Making Machine QFT 10-15

Qungfeng presents the new Block Making Machine QFT 10-15 at the China Import and Export Fair / Canton Fair 2015 in Guangzhou/China, design by defortec

defortec developed the design of the new Block Making Machine on behalf of QUNFENG INTELLIGENT MACHINERY CO.,LTD. The machine will be presented for the first time in the course of the international Canton Fair 2015 from the 15th of October to the 4th of November in Guangzhou/China.

The designed unit QFT 10-15 by defortec for the production of concrete and floor tiles combines design and technology. The powerful and dynamic design language combined with an innovative technique generates a unique character that represents a new benchmark in the brick production industry. Defortec created an innovative compression latch for the maintenance doors that ensures safe operation in spite of strong vibrations for the concrete compaction. Transferred to the control panel and other system components, the new design differentiates the brand successfully from competitors. Defortec developed the design and supplied the 3D data of the whole production system.

We wish the complete Qunfeng team a successful fair.


Fakuma 2015

The international trade fair for plastics processing as an outstanding meeting place. Within the international plastics trade fairs on the second place in the worldwide ranking.

It offers a comprehensive overview of all plastics technologies (injection molding, extrusion technique or thermoforming). The user gets a broad overview about all relevant methods, equipment and tools that are needed for the plastic- and processing. Around 1,700 exhibitors present from 13th - 17th October in Friedrichshafen, the whole process chain for the economic parts manufacture of plastics.

A large role is played by automation equipment, for the plastics manufacturing is increasingly becoming integrated into production processes. The forward-looking industry issues such as plastics used in medical technology and resources can be spared are always been among others the focus of this exhibition.

We wish  MILACRON for which we were allowed to be active partners in the past, a successful tradeshow. Hall B3 - Stand 3202


Designers` Open 2015

Designers' Open Leipzig is an exhibition and festival for design
Period of time: 23/10/2015 - 10/25/2015.

The internationally-oriented event shows the current work from interior, fashion, industrial and communication designers with the latest trends, innovations and concepts.

In the area Research & Industry with symposium and curated special exhibition the specialist visitors from design, architecture, science and industry can under the topic „smart technology – new design“ familiarise themselves with innovative developments from industrial design, science and research.

A comprehensive accompanying program with product presentations, lectures, podium discussions and workshops provides new understanding and many possibilities for exchanges.


Leipziger Messe
Messe-Allee 1
04356 Leipzig


Season´s greetings 2015

We thank you for what we have achieved with our customers in an eventful 2014 but also for the trust you have placed in our creative and constructive skills. We are very proud of that and also very grateful!
We are looking forward to the new challenges in 2015 and to continuing successful partnerships.

The entire defortec team wishes you for the new year satisfaction, happiness and above all health.


"What else can one expect?!"

"Design plays an increasingly important role in all areas. The task for the new design was to support the image change of Ferromatik and to create a unique brand identity. A key element of our success lies in the good and friendly cooperation with defortec. The collaboration is simple, constructive and solution oriented. The "wow factor" at the first presentation of the new products was more than positive and as a bonus on top of it, we have been awarded with the iF Product Design Award 2014 and a nomination at the German Design Award 2015. What else can one expect?! "
Dr. Ing. Thorsten Thümen, Manager Process Engineering & Systems, Ferromatik Milacron GmbH


Design meets Technology

AMB will be the industry highlight in 2014 - in the middle of Europe´s leading high-tech region

The factor design for machinery is becoming increasingly important. Attractive design applies more than ever as an economic factor and as a corporate value. The need for a brand-strengthening design is more and more in the focus of machinery building companies. Design gives in addition to the functionality of the system key visuals and a high-quality brand image which plays an important role in the decision to buy a machine.

At AMB Stuttgart, the leaders of all known machine manufacturers meet. This year again the “art cube” of the mav magazin at the entrance of the exhibition center is their first meeting point.

Under the title "Design meets technology" defortec and other selected industrial design firms present excellent design, innovative ideas and intelligent solutions.

A fair team of defortec will be present over the entire trade fair. We appreciate your spontaneous visit and interesting discussions. If you want to make a personal appointment with us, please send an email to or log on to 071 57/72 11 20 8. You can find us in the art cube of the entrance area East, Booth E1-100.

Our customers Licon MT (Hall 5-D 56), Oerlikon (Hall 1-C 58) and Kurt Breuning IRCO Maschinenbau GmbH (Hall 3-C 38) for which we could already be active in the past, exhibit at the AMB also.

The international Exhibition for Metal Working AMB, is regarded as the leading industry event and ranks among the world's top 5 exhibitions for this industry. More than 1,300 exhibitors from almost thirty countries will present the latest developments and innovations in machine tools, precision tools and their associated products for metal cutting. Products and machines from the areas measuring systems and quality assurance, robots, workpiece and tool handling, etc. are also on show at AMB.

Lightweight construction and composites are the leading topics at AMB 2014.The areas automotive manufacture, aviation and mechanical engineering are hardly conceivable without composites. The processing of composites such as carbon is extremely demanding and often pushes technology to its performance limits. In order to process materials in line with market conditions, precision, long service lives, use of resources and energy efficiency are promoted. Tool manufacturers and mechanical engineers must confront these challenges and provide efficient solutions as this trend is playing an increasingly bigger role.


German Design Award 2015

defortec awarded with the “prize of prizes”.

The design of the layflat book binding machine smartliner240 by Palamides has been awarded for the third time. After the iF product design award 2014 and the Focus Open 2014, we now have received a Special Mention at the German Design Award for this development. This award, known also as the "prize of prizes" enjoys a special reputation in the industry and is organized annually by the German Design Council.

In addition to the awards in the categories, a "Special Mention" is a work that reveals particularly successful design aspects and handling solutions. During the jury process these products have received the most points, but have been put underneath the winner-products of the respective category. By the Special Mention the company is given a marketing tool to the hand, to communicate the high quality of the product to customers and trade.

The German Design Award enjoys an excellent reputation and is one of the most famous international design awards, as the German Design Council is one of the leading international centers of excellence for design. We are very excited about this award because capital goods are rarely rewarded with this design award. In this moment specials thanks to Palamides for their trust and the successful and pleasant cooperation.


VDID membership

The managing director of defortec GmbH, Dipl. Designers Stefan Grobe has now also become a member of the Association of German Industrial Designers VDID. After his activities has increased in associations, committees and other design-specific organizations the membership in this important design association had become necessary.

The VDID is the largest professional association of industrial designers. A union of representative, trained, qualified and professionally working industrial designers in Germany. The VDID was founded in 1959 as a professional association. A Membership in the VDID is expression of the proven professionalism of its member. Most important resource of the VDID are the comprehensive skills and great practical experiences of its members.

The objectives and tasks of the VDID stand for economic success and social security for independent and salaried members and the prospects of the next generation. Objectives are among others the continued support of the development of the profession as well as teaching the importance of industrial design for prosperity in business and society.

The duties of the VDID include the definition of the profession and the localization of discipline in economic policy context. This job description is the basis for alliances with neighboring disciplines and interest groups in the creative industries, the development of common goals and tasks.

VDID Codex of industrial designers - Adopted and published!
The VDID has developed the Codex for industrial designers. This was adopted in 2011 on the VDID General Assembly and was first published in printed form end of September 2012.

The VDID Codex of industrial designers formulates the roles of VDID members as active partners in business and society. The professional Code of VDID will not only serve its members as an orientation aid and reasoning, but also the contacts, clients and decision-makers in business and industry.


defortec successfully in China

defortec could successfully acquire new customers in China in the second quarter 2014. We are very excited about these interesting and challenging tasks in the capital goods sector. "The high motivation of Chinese companies to improve  and strengthen brands by good design is impressive," says Stefan Grobe, managing director of defortec GmbH.

New development orders from China

After the first very successful presentations on site, we are optimistic to continue to expand our customer portfolio in Asia. The quality and professionalism of defortec work and the general reputation of German design in Asia makes the service of design development internationally more and more interesting.

To improve order processing, we founded an cooperation with a Chinese design office on spot, what offers good communication and professional handling of orders in China. "These new impressions of China are also for our own development of great value," said Stefan Grobe.


defortec is dual strengthening the team!

We are pleased to welcome two new employees to our team. Anja Egerland and Markus Schönecker will support us in the field of strategic productdesign.

Due to our very positive order situation and the growing international customer relations, we are able to extend our creative team by two new employees.

Anja Egerland studied engineering design at the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal. The Master of Arts in Engineering Design provides an in-depth study of the technical design. Students are trained very early in practical cooperations in the field of design for investment goods. Mrs Egerland worked in her Master-Thesis intensively in the field of health and safety engineering in cooperation with the company Dräger in Lübeck.

Markus Schönecker studied Integrated Design Processes at the Coburg University and graduated as a product designer, Master of Arts. He focused his bachelor's and master's thesis on complex systems in the field of Medical Design. His thesis of a mobile dental unit for outdoor dental treatment received a special mention at the Lucky Strike Junior Design Award 2013. Prior to joining defortec he was hired by at-design in Fürth, working on design developments for Siemens in the areas of automation and healthcare.

We are pleased to welcome Anja Egerland and Markus Schönecker as new, knowledgeable employees.


Focus Open 2014 - Special Mention

Focus Open 2014 - Smartliner240 awarded with Special Mention

Award Ceremony - Focus Open 2014

Kulturzentrum Ludwigsburg
Wilhelmstraße 9/1
71638 Ludwigsburg

26 September 2014
Admission: 6:30 p.m.
Start: 7 p.m.

Exhibition – Focus Open 2014

MIK – Museum Information Kunst
Eberhardstraße 1
71634 Ludwigsburg

Exhibition preview and opening reception
approximately 8:30-11:30 p.m.

27 September to 09 November 2014
daily from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Thursdays  from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.
except public holidays
03 October and 01 November

Guided tours
Sunday,  28 September, 4 p.m.
Sunday,  19 October, 4 p.m.
Thursday, 06 November, 6:30 p.m.

Admission to the exhibition and
guided tours are free

We are pleased that the Layflat bookbinding machine by Palamides received another design award. This time it is awarded by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg which evalutates  the design quality, functionality, innovation contents as well as the ergonomics and usability aspects. Intention of the competition is to identify trends in design scene and tracing innovative and progressive solutions. A further evidence for our work quality due to industrial plants that are rarely honoured  with the Focus Open Award.

The Focus Open - the International Design Award Baden Württemberg - is an integral part of the competitive landscape in Germany. Designers from around the world submit annually their most innovative products and concept solutions and face the competition for outstanding and sustainable design. The prestigious design award enjoys high reputation at home and abroad and is particularly appreciated for its reliability and non-commercial orientation.

The winning products will be awarded as part of a remarkable event in the cultural center of Ludwigsburg. Under the leadership of Christiane Nicolaus, Director of the Design Center Stuttgart , the FocusGold and Focus Silver will be awarded to the product managers. A special highlight will be the presentation of the Mia Seeger Prize 2014. This prestigious award honors young designers and is organized by the Mia Seeger Foundation.



Product family enriched by powerful allrounder.

The new machine EcoCWave fits perfectly into the system design of Dürr Ecoclean. The vast universal versatility for diverse applications labels this machine also as its clear appearance. The attractive design visualizes the process quality on the outside.

An additional advantage is the innovative installation engineering in combination with a minimal installation surface and an user-friendly handling.


German Design Award 2015

Defortec is nominated for the German Design Award 2015

The German Design Council nominated three defortec projects for the German Design Award 2015.
The board honors with this nomination the product comprehensive design of Ferrmomatic Milacrons’ injection molding machines F-series and Elektron series, the high-speed milling center Liflex II 444 from Licon and the lay flat bookbinding machine smartliner240 from Palamides.

The German Design Award is one of the famous international design awards and enjoys highest reputation. The nomination is a vast opportunity for defortec to compete with other well-known candidates from the design sector and to win eventually the prestigious design award. The council’s longstanding experience in the processes ensures that none but the excellent products, manufacturers and designers are nominated for the German Design Award. This nomination is already a great honor for defortec.


Dürr Ecoclean presents EcoCWave

High operating flexibility plus low energy and space demand plus an impressive visual appearance.

The innovative machine generation EcoCWave developed for cleaning parts with aqueous media will
be introduced for the first time at the fair parts2clean. Key features of the EcoCWave are universal application capabilities ranging from coarse to fine cleaning, plus its minimized footprint as well as its optimized cleaning quality while cutting per-unit costs.


To discover at parts2clean from 24-26th June  2014 located at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre.
Dürr Ecoclean GmbH - Hall 5 - Stand C18/D17


VDI committee gains new expert

Graduated designer Stefan Grobe joins the technical committee of the german industrial design engineering society.

Besides Stefan Grobe, the experts of the technical committee are:

Paul Budde // Budde Industrie Design
Ralf Simon King // Fraunhofer IPA
Jochen Denzinger // ma ma Interactive System Design
Jens Krzywinski // TU Dresden
Raoul Dinter // Agilent Technologies
Gerhard Reichert // HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Andreas Enslin // Miele & Cie. KG
Gerin Trautenberger // departure
Werner Paulussen // PAULUSSEN Design und Consulting
Christian Zimmermann // LMU München
Jürgen Rambo // Daimler AG
Thomas Maier // Universität Stuttgart
Andreas Schmieg // Andreas Schmieg Design
Robert Watty // Hochschule Ulm
Lutz Gathmann // Lutz Gathmann Design + Produktsicherheit
Dieter Moll // VDI e.V.

The technical committee is concerned with the revision of a directive from 1986. This directive achieves increasingly importance for industrial designers and engineers.

Due to the rapidly advancing implementation of the factor design during the entire development phase, it is necessary to adapt the VDI / VDE 2424 to today's requirements and future development processes. Because only the early and professionally coordinated integration of the factor design ensures the medium and long-term market success of developed products.

Graduate designer Stefan Grobe enriches with his technical expertise the VDI committee that is currently dealing with the basic work for the development of the new directive. Among other things this directive includes the human-product interaction , influences of industrial design in the product development process and the organizational integration and function of design in a company.


iF design award 2014

defortec could clear four iF product design awards 2014!

The winners are High-speed machining center - Liflex II444 - from Licon, Industrial cleaning machine - EcoCCore - from Dürr, Lay flat book binding machine - smartliner240 - from Palamides and Injection molding machines - F-series - and - Elektron-series - from Ferromatik Milacron.

Togehther with our customers we are very proud about this awards and we take the opportunity to thank all the involved development teams for the successful cooperation.

The awards ceremony – the iF design awards night 2014 – is to take place during Munich Creative Business Week, on 28 February 2014. The iF gold awards for outstanding design skills will be announced at the awards ceremony where the gold award winners will receive their iF gold trophy, designed by Herbert H. Schultes.

Over more than 60 years, the iF design award recognizes outstanding design by a jury of international experts with an design, industrial or educational background. The huge international iF design award reputation of is owing on high quality competition entries.

The award winners from all iF design awards 2014 are on show in the comprehensive iF ONLINE EXHIBITION at the iF website: This includes both the current iF design award winners and those from earlier years. Products are presented with images and descriptions and with information on manufacturers and designers: a one-of-its-kind archive of design history.


Designing new markets

Review German Brand and Design Congress

The German Design Council organized the 5th German Brand and Design Congress on 11-12 November 2013 in Stuttgart under the motto “Designing New Markets”. The congress realting to investment goods centered around successful internationalization strategies of German companies that focus on brand and design – in times of global markets, sustainable entrepreneurial success can be secured only through clear differentiation from the competitive environment. Small and medium-sized companies, which can strongly profit from a consistent design strategy, were especially addressed with questions around the quality promise Made in Germany, property rights, intercultural branding and employer branding.

The German Brand and Design Congress 2013 were sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, and were organized in cooperation with the Design Center Stuttgart.

Impressions of the 5th German Brand and Design Congress.


New website

The brand new defortec internet appearance is online! is starts into the year 2014 with large images, clean layout, structured overview and extensive articles on the projects.
We are happy to present our successful and awarded products with more detailed information. Enjoy design in all its facets and be inspired. Also check the new glossary about substantial elements in design, to simplify and improve communication.


Medica 2013

Dr.Fenning Biomed presents f-microlab sepsis at medica 2013 in Düsseldorf

Our client Dr.Fenning Biomed is presenting its highly innovative laboratory equipment for sepsis detection, at the medica 2013 in Düsseldorf. defortec created therefore the new appearance of the fully automatic testing device. F-Microlab sepsis offers a revolutionary system to prove sepsis or blood poisoning. In contrast to the long conventional process, the analysis is significantly faster, which improves the healing process substantially.

The compact and automatically device enables blood tests by the doctor on-site. Within 25 minutes the resulting dates are available. This enables a biological Lab-on-Chip-System, which has been developed by scientists at the Fraunhofer-Institut of Physical Measuring technology IPM in Freiburg. The Lab-on-Chip is evaluated in a device that works fully automated. The only thing the doctor needs to do is to put the blood test into the system and to wait for the result.

We wish the very nice Dr.Fenning Biomed team a successful exhibition with their new f-microlab sepsis.



Licht.Gestalten2013, our development atmosphero for the children charity project from SWR, SR and Spardabank. It‘s able to be purchased by auction from now on.

Creativity for a good cause: defortec was involved in an artistproject of Herzenssache, a children charitiy project from SWR, SR and Spardabank. The development of our luminaire atmophero just concluded successfully.
atmosphero presents our planet in its unique and radiant beauty and brings it into our field of vision and consciousness. The main idea of atmosphero is a free-floating sphere in the space of a cube. The sphere signifies our planet earth, which seems to be floating in the surrounding of a light atmosphere. The sphere is shaped out of the light effects of atmosphero and simulates the protecting atmosphere of the earth, which appears a moment later similar to polar light or northern lights.

atmosphero is made of a range of reflective stainless steel surfaces with spherical openings, which are lighted from two high-power - LEDs in the whole colour range by turns. The infinite repetitive mirroring shapes an optical sphere which seems to float in this cube. From every point of view new delightful light- and mirror effects can be seen and also the whole surrounding is full of atmospheric light. The dynamic colour change from the light source can be operated individually.

Light is life. atmosphero, movie to iluminair

Up to now the light is an individual item, but since we got first enquiries, we are currently planning to make a small-scale series - if we also arouse your interest, please contact us!
Beside industrial companies that participated the project Herzenssache also well-known people like Mario Adorf, the SWR Tatort-Team Ludwigshafen with Ulrike Folkerts and Andreas Hoppe, as well as SWR Tatort-Kommissarin Eva Mattes alias Klara took part. Furthermore all-round genius and luminary of the German humor Otto Waalkes, the TV cook and cook artist Johann Lafer, the SWR3-Comedian-heroes Michael Wirbitzky und Sascha Zeus and a master of political cartoons Rolf Henn alias LUFF.

All unique luminaires from Licht.Gestalten2013 can be seen in an exhibition in the KUNSTBEZIRK Gustav-Siegle-Haus in Stuttgart from 3.12. – 15.12.2013. Highlight of the project is an auction from Eppli at 16.12.2013, 4pm – 8pm, where all the luminairs can be bought for the good cause.
From 28.11.2013 on it‘s possible to give your bid at, and via mail.

Link to online auction


German Brand and Design Congress

German Brand and Design Congress 11. and 12. November 2013 in Stuttgart

Lectures in detail:

Dr. Aliki Busse, partner, law firm Busse & Partner
Durable success on the world market requires the efficient protection of product portfolios. So far Property rights vary from country to country, which means there is no general strategy, but rather preventions on each specific condition.

Dana Francksen, Manager Marketing Communications, Alltec GmbH
Dirk Huesmann, Creative Director, wirDesign communications AG
Company acquisitions and cooperation are challenges for Corporate Branding. The implementation of the totally new brand design of Foba shows how to keep a balance between preservation and innovation and an unknown supplier changes into an international perceptible trade mark.

Andreas Rotzler, Chief Creative Officer, Interbrand
The international market has never so dynamic, than today. Bussines challenges have to be occurred in real time. Brand management on proven tools reaches their limits. To positioning brands still flexible and target group oriented, it‘s necessary to revolutionize brand management in companies.

Gerald Kiska, CEO, Kiska GmbH
Each product transfers the value brand with its appearance, also a production unit. It‘s the task of a product to fulfill the brand promise, in the B2B field as, well as in the consumer market. Examples show, important elements for the brand performance.

Stefan Grobe, general manager, defortec GmbH
„Beyond hesitation - about new design-thinking of innovative companies, the realities and potentials of industrial design“, lecture title of Stafan Grobe. He‘s presenting positive examples of more determined businessmen, describes the convertion leading to such an attitude of openness for design and shows outstanding achievements in cost reduction trough design.

David Wiedenmayer, Design Manager, Dominic Schindler Creations GmbH
Not only direct communication has an influence in the b2b-sector in the appearance of an innovation - also the product itself is communicating intensively. Dominic Schindler Creations supports its clients in finding and saving innovations. Optical and tactile experience creates unique capital goods. After all products convince or fail because of the manner in which the user understands to operate it.

Mario Selic, proprietor, Selic Industriedesign
Industrial robots are synonyms for high-tech but, nevertheless they should raise emotional enthusiasm.
The KUKA robots are characterized by organic-sculptural shapes, which improves their technical skills, makes the brand unique and increases the interest of their previous appearance as destroyers of jobs.

After the lecture program on 11th November will be offered on 12th November the opportunity to visit companies and Institutions such as: Dürr Dental AG, Recaro, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Festo AG & Co.KG.

Geman Design Council

We are pleased to announce another interesting event, which will take place at 11. -12. November 2013 in Stuttgart. Under the motto - Designing New Markets - it will be hold this year in the „Haus der Wirtschaft“  organized by the German Design Council. This important congress is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, and is organized in cooperation with the Design Center Stuttgart.

The series of congress is yearly organized by the German Brand and Design Congress and has developed to a high-class event in field of design management and brand management. Since it started in 2009, it became a dialog forum of brands, in which high-level representatives with a different industry background discuss about Brand Management Processes.


K 2013

Illig, Ferromatik and Moldmasters are presenting new design developments at K 2013.

Our clients Illig Maschinenbau, Ferromatik Milacron and Moldmasters are presenting their new products, which are created in cooperation with defortec, at K-trade fair 2013, this year. Those innovative design developments can be seen from the 16th - 23rd October in Düsseldorf.

Our clients Illig Maschinenbau, Ferromatik Milacron and Moldmasters are presenting their new products, which are created in cooperation with defortec, at K-trade fair 2013, this year. Those innovative design developments can be seen from the 16th - 23rd October in Düsseldorf.

Illig is showing its new control terminal, which was created under the aspects of design, ergonomics and cost-efficiency. You can find that devlopment in hall 03/stand A 52. Our long-standing client Ferromatik Milacron is presenting 6 injection molding machines in its impressive trade fair appearance. They are showing consistency in design and are an impressive example for successful Corporate Design development. Those complex units can be seen in hall 15/stand C06. The company Moldmaster, which belongs to the group Milacron is presenting a second vertical injection unit E-Multi on its F 160. Its design is already adapted to the new injection molding machines. You can find Moldmasters in hall 1/stand A39.

We wish our clients a successful trade fair with their new products!

Illig Maschinenbau GmbH&Co.KG: hall 03, stand A52

Ferromatik Milacron Maschinenbau GmbH: hall 15, stand C06

Moldmasters LTD: hall 1, stand A39