VDI committee gains new expert

Graduated designer Stefan Grobe joins the technical committee of the german industrial design engineering society.

The technical committee is concerned with the revision of a directive from 1986. This directive achieves increasingly importance for industrial designers and engineers.

Due to the rapidly advancing implementation of the factor design during the entire development phase, it is necessary to adapt the VDI / VDE 2424 to today's requirements and future development processes. Because only the early and professionally coordinated integration of the factor design ensures the medium and long-term market success of developed products.

Graduate designer Stefan Grobe enriches with his technical expertise the VDI committee that is currently dealing with the basic work for the development of the new directive. Among other things this directive includes the human-product interaction , influences of industrial design in the product development process and the organizational integration and function of design in a company.

Besides Stefan Grobe, the experts of the technical committee are:

Paul Budde // Budde Industrie Design
Ralf Simon King // Fraunhofer IPA
Jochen Denzinger // ma ma Interactive System Design
Jens Krzywinski // TU Dresden
Raoul Dinter // Agilent Technologies
Gerhard Reichert // HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Andreas Enslin // Miele & Cie. KG
Gerin Trautenberger // departure

Werner Paulussen // PAULUSSEN Design und Consulting
Christian Zimmermann // LMU München

Jürgen Rambo // Daimler AG
Thomas Maier // Universität Stuttgart
Andreas Schmieg // Andreas Schmieg Design 
Robert Watty // Hochschule Ulm

Lutz Gathmann // Lutz Gathmann Design + Produktsicherheit 
Dieter Moll // VDI e.V.

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