German Brand and Design Congress

We are pleased to announce another interesting event, which will take place at 11. -12. November 2013 in Stuttgart. Under the motto - Designing New Markets - it will be hold this year in the „Haus der Wirtschaft“  organized by the German Design Council. This important congress is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, and is organized in cooperation with the Design Center Stuttgart.

The series of congress is yearly organized by the German Brand and Design Congress and has developed to a high-class event in field of design management and brand management. Since it started in 2009, it became a dialog forum of brands, in which high-level representatives with a different industry background discuss about Brand Management Processes.

Lectures in detail:

Dr. Aliki Busse, partner, law firm Busse & Partner
Durable success on the world market requires the efficient protection of product portfolios. So far Property rights vary from country to country, which means there is no general strategy, but rather preventions on each specific condition.

Dana Francksen, Manager Marketing Communications, Alltec GmbH
Dirk Huesmann, Creative Director, wirDesign communications AG
Company acquisitions and cooperation are challenges for Corporate Branding. The implementation of the totally new brand design of Foba shows how to keep a balance between preservation and innovation and an unknown supplier changes into an international perceptible trade mark.

Andreas Rotzler, Chief Creative Officer, Interbrand
The international market has never so dynamic, than today. Bussines challenges have to be occurred in real time. Brand management on proven tools reaches their limits. To positioning brands still flexible and target group oriented, it‘s necessary to revolutionize brand management in companies.

Gerald Kiska, CEO, Kiska GmbH
Each product transfers the value brand with its appearance, also a production unit. It‘s the task of a product to fulfill the brand promise, in the B2B field as, well as in the consumer market. Examples show, important elements for the brand performance.

Stefan Grobe, general manager, defortec GmbH
„Beyond hesitation - about new design-thinking of innovative companies, the realities and potentials of industrial design“, lecture title of Stafan Grobe. He‘s presenting positive examples of more determined businessmen, describes the convertion leading to such an attitude of openness for design and shows outstanding achievements in cost reduction trough design.

David Wiedenmayer, Design Manager, Dominic Schindler Creations GmbH
Not only direct communication has an influence in the b2b-sector in the appearance of an innovation - also the product itself is communicating intensively. Dominic Schindler Creations supports its clients in finding and saving innovations. Optical and tactile experience creates unique capital goods. After all products convince or fail because of the manner in which the user understands to operate it.

Mario Selic, proprietor, Selic Industriedesign
Industrial robots are synonyms for high-tech but, nevertheless they should raise emotional enthusiasm.
The KUKA robots are characterized by organic-sculptural shapes, which improves their technical skills, makes the brand unique and increases the interest of their previous appearance as destroyers of jobs.

After the lecture program on 11th November will be offered on 12th November the opportunity to visit companies and Institutions such as: Dürr Dental AG, Recaro, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Festo AG & Co.KG.

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