SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, based in Berlin / Germany presents the new electron spectroscope for chemical analysis under environmental conditions (EnviroESCA) at the AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition in San José / California / USA, design by defortec

Based on the pioneering developments of the recent years, SPECS presents the first laboratory device for chemical surface analysis under environmental conditions. EnviroESCA enables fully automated, intelligent analysis and evaluation of surfaces under real conditions and creates new applications in industry, medicine and biotechnology.

The new system features an innovative modularity for fast adaptation to different inspection tasks. defortec developed the design of the new EnviroESCA on behalf of SPECS. The asymmetric front design of the device and strong color and material contrasts generates a high quality appearance and thereby an easy integration into contemporary laboratory environments.

Best wishes and every success to the friendly SPECS team at the product launch in San José / USA.


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