Double success at the iF Design Award

defortec wins the iF Design Award 2022 twice - for complex production machines with perfect design


Double success


Industrial design with honors: defortec wins the iF Design Award 2022 twice.


Every year, the iF Design Award honors outstandingly conceived and designed products - including those from the field of industrial design, i.e. products that have been developed for tough industrial use. In March, the 75-member jury made its final decision on a total of 5,426 entries.

Among the award-winning design agencies is - once again - defortec. On the one hand with the modular extrusion line "Line 160" developed for Battenfield Cincinatti, on the other hand for the implant finisher "Batch D" from Rena Technologies.


Conceptualized modular – Line 160


"The clear and modular design demonstrates and communicates the precision of the machine" - this was the jury's vote for the "Line 160" extrusion line from Battenfeld Cincinatti. The line consists of different functional units, starting with the extruder and ending with the cutting unit at the end of the line, which produces plastic pipes up to 2.5 meters in diameter. The modularity has been taken even further by defortec: the cutting unit as well as the drawing unit consist of one working element and one control element. This allows the working part to be adapted exactly to customer-specific requirements, while operation and control are always docked identically. It was also important to the designers to always place the operating panels in the same position and to structure the actual user interface in the same way visually. Among other things, the green accent color ensures the visual cohesion of the individual functional units. In the case of the closed units, the green appears very decidedly on the vertical, multi-bent chamfers that accompany the machine's setback to the floor. On the one hand, this recess ensures a visually less massive overall appearance, and on the other hand, it makes it easier to approach the large glass sliding doors, which ensure the best possible accessibility to the actual work area. 

Glass is not only present here; basically the entire front consists of glass panels, including the dark gray zones above and below the sliding doors. Glass, according to the designers' experience, is not only less expensive than traditional sheet metal cladding, but more durable and conveys precision and high-tech with its perfect surface. "The play of materials underlines the very high quality and gives the plant both uniqueness and a unique selling point in the world of production machinery," the jury concluded.


Batch D – Special plant

The "Batch D" plant from plant manufacturer Rena Technologies also received an iF Award from the jury. Specially designed for the production of dental implant blanks, the entire processing area is made of acid-resistant polypropylene, the plant packaging is strictly regulated, as is the process technology. A challenge, even for such experienced industrial designers as those at defortec. A large part was made up by the ergonomics optimization including the interface design, which was developed for a large touch screen. Incidentally, the fronts here are also made of glass panels, just like on the extrusion line.

Says the jury, "All the necessary controls are within easy reach in the area of the glass panel and the swiveling touchscreen, emphasizing the system's tidy, clean, safe, ergonomic and technologically modern look."

Read more about Batch D in the detailed case study.


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