Licht.Gestalten2013, our development atmosphero for the children charity project from SWR, SR and Spardabank. It‘s able to be purchased by auction from now on.


Creativity for a good cause: defortec was involved in an artistproject of Herzenssache, a children charitiy project from SWR, SR and Spardabank. The development of our luminaire atmophero just concluded successfully.
atmosphero presents our planet in its unique and radiant beauty and brings it into our field of vision and consciousness. The main idea of atmosphero is a free-floating sphere in the space of a cube. The sphere signifies our planet earth, which seems to be floating in the surrounding of a light atmosphere. The sphere is shaped out of the light effects of atmosphero and simulates the protecting atmosphere of the earth, which appears a moment later similar to polar light or northern lights.

atmosphero is made of a range of reflective stainless steel surfaces with spherical openings, which are lighted from two high-power - LEDs in the whole colour range by turns. The infinite repetitive mirroring shapes an optical sphere which seems to float in this cube. From every point of view new delightful light- and mirror effects can be seen and also the whole surrounding is full of atmospheric light. The dynamic colour change from the light source can be operated individually.

Light is life. atmosphero, movie to iluminair

Up to now the light is an individual item, but since we got first enquiries, we are currently planning to make a small-scale series - if we also arouse your interest, please contact us!
Beside industrial companies that participated the project Herzenssache also well-known people like Mario Adorf, the SWR Tatort-Team Ludwigshafen with Ulrike Folkerts and Andreas Hoppe, as well as SWR Tatort-Kommissarin Eva Mattes alias Klara took part. Furthermore all-round genius and luminary of the German humor Otto Waalkes, the TV cook and cook artist Johann Lafer, the SWR3-Comedian-heroes Michael Wirbitzky und Sascha Zeus and a master of political cartoons Rolf Henn alias LUFF.

All unique luminaires from Licht.Gestalten2013 can be seen in an exhibition in the KUNSTBEZIRK Gustav-Siegle-Haus in Stuttgart from 3.12. – 15.12.2013. Highlight of the project is an auction from Eppli at 16.12.2013, 4pm – 8pm, where all the luminairs can be bought for the good cause.
From 28.11.2013 on it‘s possible to give your bid at www.Licht.Gestalten2013.de, www.eppli.com and via mail.

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