VDID membership

The managing director of defortec GmbH, Dipl. Designers Stefan Grobe has now also become a member of the Association of German Industrial Designers VDID. After his activities has increased in associations, committees and other design-specific organizations the membership in this important design association had become necessary.

The VDID is the largest professional association of industrial designers. A union of representative, trained, qualified and professionally working industrial designers in Germany. The VDID was founded in 1959 as a professional association. A Membership in the VDID is expression of the proven professionalism of its member. Most important resource of the VDID are the comprehensive skills and great practical experiences of its members.

The objectives and tasks of the VDID stand for economic success and social security for independent and salaried members and the prospects of the next generation. Objectives are among others the continued support of the development of the profession as well as teaching the importance of industrial design for prosperity in business and society.

The duties of the VDID include the definition of the profession and the localization of discipline in economic policy context. This job description is the basis for alliances with neighboring disciplines and interest groups in the creative industries, the development of common goals and tasks.

VDID Codex of industrial designers - Adopted and published!
The VDID has developed the Codex for industrial designers. This was adopted in 2011 on the VDID General Assembly and was first published in printed form end of September 2012.

The VDID Codex of industrial designers formulates the roles of VDID members as active partners in business and society. The professional Code of VDID will not only serve its members as an orientation aid and reasoning, but also the contacts, clients and decision-makers in business and industry.

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