defortec donates for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine does not leave defortec cold either, which is why the company donates through several channels.


Engagement | Help for war victims



"We are all deeply affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine," says Stefan Grobe. "Firstly, Ukraine is only far away at first glance and secondly, there is much more at stake here for us Europeans."

That is why defortec is getting involved and making donations - to the German Red Cross and also directly to the private aid organization Darnychany in Kiev. This contact came about through defortec employees with a personal connection to Ukraine and is directly helping the victims on the ground.


In addition, defortec supports the refurbishment of a building here in Germany to provide a safe place for refugees to stay.


"We are observing the situation in Ukraine with great concern and would also like to express our solidarity with the donations," says Stefan Grobe. "We are against any form of warlike conflict."





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