On the way to a successful product we support our clients with inspiration, creativity, technical know-how and concentrated development work. Beside an attractive office we have our own workshop for models and developments, as well as large meeting facility for talks and presentations.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.
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We discuss projects, brainstorm, develop and sketch together in the team in our creative area. We do this with Copic marker drawings, paper or foam models. Therefore we conceive and visualize on a wide variety. We develop our design concepts in a bright and friendly atmosphere with a close exchange of ideas and thoughts.

We perfectly visualize our design ideas and modify them very quickly with our Wacom-board. This enables us to discuss the design concepts in early stages on a high level and to present the compiled sketches with an impressive quality to our customers. The Wacom-board is for example equipped with the sketching software Adobe Photoshop to create photorealistic illustrations, to quickly generate a wide variety of illustrations with a perfect finish.

For detailing and the enhancement of our design concepts we use SolidWorks. Every detail is well thought out and the 3D data is prepared and provided to our customers. Besides this CAD engineering software, we use programs such as Rhinoceros for reprocessing 3D printing datasets to manufacture test assemblies, model making and prototype constructions.

Based on 3D data, we create and produce with the use of rendering programs such as KeyShot, true-to-life images which reflect the design, materiality and impression of the final appearance.

For image editing, layout design and vector-based graphics, we use all of the programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud.