The design process

Design strategy

Together with our customers we develop in the first step the entrepreneurial vision in a strategy workshop. We assist companies to phrase and define their future corporate brand to clearly distinguish from competitors.

Analysis / Design thinking

In this early step of the project we intensively analyze the customer´s product, the market and its market position to explore development potentials. The acquired insights, coupled with our extensive development experience, form a substantial basis for the following design development.

Design conception

We develop product visions, new concepts with logical functions and emotionalize the product through its terrific design. Clear, distinctive and innovative structures as well as the combination of shape, the material and function provide the product its prospective, unique character. As a result, first brand shaping elements are defined at this step.


The intention of a basic product improvement and our extensive project experience also enables us to handle difficult technical tasks. Intelligent questioning and innovative proposals lead to new system structures which can significantly reduce the production costs of structural elements and casing.

Test setups / Functional models

During development, functional and handling ideas are evolved with partly complex test setups. These test models enable us to constantly test and optimize our ideas. In order to make reference to functional optimization, the experimental build is parallel to the concept design. These models are produced in our own model workshop. Thus we quickly and directly get first experiences from the proven ideas to provide economic developments to our costumer´s products.


Within the conception of the design, we mostly develop two or three variants to serve our customers different options for new creative approaches. These created variants are based on findings from strategy workshop. In context of a comprehensive presentation, different concepts are presented, discussed and evaluated. We decide with our customers which concept will be pursued.

Design enhancement

The detailed development of the chosen design variant is realized with in the CAD system, SolidWorks, to provide 3D data for the final construction to the engineers. At this stage, close cooperation with the customer´s development engineers is very important to achieve the appointed project goals.


We offer a detailed 3D CAD development to implement the design concept into a perfect product. We use the latest CAD software such as SolidWorks to enable perfect data transfer to our clients and suppliers. Our implementation expertise connected with our strong design competence guarantees a pioneering but also economically realizable design.

Implementation process

The professional coordination and detailed support of manufacturing the prototype with our clients or suppliers round our complete wide range service portfolio: we care about the realization of new concepts.

System design

The systematic transfer and adaption of a design concept systems to a product family increases the effectiveness of the new design. It also enhances the brand recognition and strengthens the new brand appearance. A convertable and high quality brand image distinguishes us from the competitors and enhances the product acceptance.

Visualization and animation

As an additional service, we provide photorealistic product presentations as images and film, long before the real product exists. This is an important element for successful product marketing. Furthermore, we build in-house high complex models in every scale for trade fair exhibitions or show rooms. Films and animations are important for many of our clients as marketing and distribution tool.

Design model making

Through our expertise and our very well equipped model workshop, we are able to realize high complex design models in every scale for fairs or showrooms.

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