NanoPULS Interface

The new NanoPULS analyzer from Ovivo for ultrapure water (UPW) in the semiconductor industry continuously analyzes the process water for particles in order to reduce the risk of production errors. With component sizes in electronics production becoming ever smaller, an extremely high level of process reliability and the absence of disruptive influences such as impurities or particles is essential.


The slim, cubic devices face the user with dynamically tapering fronts. However, the front of the transmitter unit consists of an almost full-surface touchscreen, which provides an exact overview of the ongoing analyses. The graphic user interface, including the icons, typographic details, displays and of course the structure, was specially developed by defortec and optimized for the resolution.

Usability for complex data

Ovivo's NanoPULS analyzes the process water in real time; speed and precision are the unique selling points of the new measuring system, which were also the requirements for the interface design. During development, we therefore paid particular attention to the rapid acquisition of complex data: up to four measuring channels - one per sensor - can be analyzed in parallel, and the channels were marked using colour coding to ensure clear assignment.

The modular character of the measuring system is also reflected in the interface. The interface has a modular structure, depending on how many sensors are connected to the transmitter unit.


The precise, friendly and timeless character of the products is seamlessly continued in the interface.


visibility from distance

It was also important that the measured values could be read from a great distance so that the last measured values could be recognized even when walking past. If the device is not used for a longer period of time, a screensaver is activated, which displays the last measured values in large format and thus ensures visibility at a greater distance.

defortec developed both the conceptual user experience and the user interface design. In addition, interface, color and icon systems were developed for Ovivo.


The defortec services at a glance
• Analysis of the use case
• Development of an operating concept
• UX development incl. operating structure
• UI development
• Development of color and icon systems