Elektron Baureihe
Ferromatik Milacron

International project of success

After the big success of the F-Series we developed the design concept for the Elektron series, constructed by Ferromatik Milacron, an international manufacturer for injection molding machines. defortec interpreted the fin as an innovative feature for brand recognition in a new way, reduced, dynamic but with a clear affiliation to the product portfolio. An exemplary design development, which will be applied to the whole range of products.

This second generation of the Elektron series in new design and with improved control panel is a global all-electric series of Milacron. It is provided in nine different clamping forces from 500 to 4,500 kN and with nine injection units in the international sizes of 55 to 3,470.

A world-wide project, in which international development partners of Ferromatik Milacron and defortec worked together to create a globally successful industrial design.

Longtime collaboration

Another specialty of the Elektron series is its new control panel, which was developed with regards on particular requirements and costs. The new panel‘s design was created by defortec and equipped with a broad 15“ touch screen.

defortec services Ferromatik Milacron already since 2010 in the whole range of design development. This means developing the complete product series‘ corporate design to the point of shaping a new control panel.