BC Line 160

Industrial Design for pipe extrusion machines

The production of plastic pipes is not a trivial matter and is only feasible with special extrusion lines consisting of precisely coordinated functional units. Battenfeld-Cincinatti develops such production systems and sells them worldwide. The manufacturer is now presenting the BC Line 160 integrated production line for diameters up to 630 millimeters. In addition to the actual extruder, the functionally precisely coordinated functional units also include cooling, drawing, separating and calibrating units. Due to their specific tasks in the production chain, each unit has an independent design. However, since they are arranged linearly, all units should fit into a consistent appearance - a central task for defortec's design.

The heterogeneity is countered by a explicit color, form and material concept.

A characteristic feature here is the use of glass, some of which is coated black on the back, for the fronts of the large, closed units. The transparent glass areas not only allow an optimum view of the production processes, they can also be opened over a large area for maintenance work. Towards the floor, the black front area is retracted inward, allowing personnel to position themselves more ergonomically when working indoors.

This indentation is also continued on the sides, which are kept white, and connects to the control cabinet module via a double-bent chamfer. This module is designed to be dockable to all functional units. The bevel is presented in the green corporate color of the company and thus sets a further independent visual accent.

These green chamfers also serve as key visual details on the unclad units. Green also marks the exit and transition areas between the plant sections - thanks to the transparent connecting tube, the production process can also be viewed here at any time.

The clear lines and edges underline the precision, performance of the plant. The modular design of the cladding and control cabinets reduces the variety of components and thus also the manufacturing costs. The cost aspect in particular was a key requirement for the design process, which incidentally took place in direct cooperation with the company's engineering experts.

Manufacturer and defortec jointly received the iF Design Award 2022 for the design of the BC Line 160.