新型穿刺试验能够准确测试连续变薄的电池和晶片的机械稳定性。 六种不同的方法可以方便、舒适和安全地应用于测试对象。 由defortec专门开发的快速更换系统,使测试设置之间能够安全和直观地更换。 智能组件通过灯光指示准备就绪,并提供高安全性的工作场所和高质量的测试。


GP穿刺实验是全新的构思设计。 它可以在外部以及内部工作流程中呈现出全新的模式,并成为测试技术的基准。


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"Unique selling proposition (USP)"

The unique selling point is an outstanding performance feature, which sets a product or service apart from its competitors, in design, marketing and selling psychology. These characteristics can be shaped functionally and/or creatively. In a successful design and development process can thereby grow veritable advantages for the customer and the corporate value. The unique selling point should be „strong in defense“, target-group oriented and economically, but also realizable in price, time and quality. A unique selling point is an individual benefit and creates in addition with other factors the brand promise.