RTE Sonic TC


Sonic TC采用全新的革命性技术。 测试对象,例如制动盘,通过短的机械脉冲振荡,产生的声音可用高性能麦克风记录并通过特殊软件进行评估。


在测试材料中使用声音减少了其它高耗能技术的应用,例如,X射线系统或化学测试方法。 产品的结构可以进行多种变化以适应各种条件。 该设计以自信但专业的方式呈现了智能和生态测试技术。



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A small glossary intended to
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"Machine design"

Machine design is concerned with the design of production facilities. Its duties include the form-finding, the brand development and optimization of function under special consideration of the needs of a target group.

Durable economic goods that are purchased by companies for creating and editing of goods and bookkeeping allocated to fixed assets are illuminated and developed under a design view. This includes the upgrading, optimization and emotional appeal of production and other production tools such as test equipment and tools.